~Aeons ago~

-in another realm-

a celestial body, Ethrandir, thrived full of a race of elfkind, the Etvra, an advanced race.

The planet had unlimited resources, abundant with technology that possessed capabilities far from what any human could imagine.

~ Ysrieth 5000 ~
(Ysrieth equating to "years" in human tongue)

Summoned by another race as part of universal conquest, the Taan'zi, demon beings, proceeded to invade Ethrandir, enslaving and killing most of the Etvra. It was a bloody war between both races. The Taan'zi forced the remaining Etrva to make a pact with them, effectively transforming them to cursed Fey'ri, an amalgamation of elf and demon. The daemonfey.


The Taan'zi, aside from stealing resources from the planet and killing most of the race, ordered the now remaining Etvra, as Daemonfey, to hunt souls of different races. Essentially banishing them from their own planet.


I am one of the chosen. A cursed being. Whose fate is to walk in other unfamiliar realms, In search of souls.

I, along with other chosen ones of my kind, was sent to a lonely galaxy.

Humans call it the Milky Way. For 2000 human years I have been trapped in this galaxy, forever doomed to take the souls of dying humans.

I have learned to live among humans. But they do not know the truth. To them, I am known as the Grim Reaper, The Shinigami, A Death god. The truth is, I am but one slave of many.

-Kryko, Ysrieth 7777

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